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The Roles of Echocardiography in Teaching of Cardiovascular Physiology at Pre-Clinical Level of Undergraduate Medical Education

Cardiovascular physiology is a foundational basic medical sciences course essential for safe clinical practice. Teaching and learning physiology are done traditionally using didactic lectures and practical sessions. However, the world is becoming tech-savvy and echocardiography is a critical player in the evaluation of cardiac physiology and pathology. This important tool is gradually gaining recognition as a useful tool for learning at the undergraduate level. This review aimed to provide evidence-based summaries that could guide and aid the incorporation of echocardiography into the teaching of cardiovascular structure and function among undergraduate medical students in Nigeria. This is a narrative review. Relevant literature was sought with the aid of academic databases and search engines using keywords. Appropriate information on the use of echocardiography for teaching cardiovascular to undergraduates within and outside Nigeria was synthesized and summarized taking cognizance of their relevance and applications. Evidence showed that in developed countries, integration of echocardiography into cardiovascular physiology education has been done and this was associated with a better learning experience and early formation of lifelong knowledge in the use of point-of-care ultrasound but data is sparse on this aspect of medical education in Nigeria. In conclusion, echocardiography is relevant, accessible, and applicable to teaching cardiovascular physiology at basic medical sciences faculty. Integration of echocardiography into the curriculum of the medical undergraduate in Nigeria is practicable.

Echocardiography, Cardiac, Structure, Function, Teaching, Undergraduates

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Suraj Adefabi Ogunyemi, Busayo Onafowoke Oguntola, Oluwadare Ogunlade. (2023). The Roles of Echocardiography in Teaching of Cardiovascular Physiology at Pre-Clinical Level of Undergraduate Medical Education. Biomedical Sciences, 9(3), 73-77.

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Suraj Adefabi Ogunyemi; Busayo Onafowoke Oguntola; Oluwadare Ogunlade. The Roles of Echocardiography in Teaching of Cardiovascular Physiology at Pre-Clinical Level of Undergraduate Medical Education. Biomed. Sci. 2023, 9(3), 73-77. doi: 10.11648/

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Suraj Adefabi Ogunyemi, Busayo Onafowoke Oguntola, Oluwadare Ogunlade. The Roles of Echocardiography in Teaching of Cardiovascular Physiology at Pre-Clinical Level of Undergraduate Medical Education. Biomed Sci. 2023;9(3):73-77. doi: 10.11648/

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